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The Department of Bioinformatics was established in 2004 year in University Institute of Engineering and Technology, CSJM University. Bioinformatics is the integration of biological sciences, information technology and computer sciences and has become an essential tool of all biological research activities. At the Department of Bioinformatics, UIET, CSJM University Kanpur, it is our goal to train young minds to contribute to this now burgeoning field of science. We strive to provide them with excellent teaching and laboratory facilities as well as an environment that grooms them to be leaders in the field.

We have a distinguished core Bioinformatics faculty whose varied research interests include drug designing, molecular structure prediction and visualization, genomics, transcriptomics and proteomics, metabolic modeling and system biology. The program is truly interdisciplinary with collaborating faculty from Computer Science, Biological Sciences, Information Technology and Mathematics. The program also benefits immensely from intellectual interactions with premier institutes such as the Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Pulses Research in its vicinity.


Mrs. Mamta Sagar
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Bioinformatics) Pursuing, M.Tech I.T.(Bioinformatics)

IIIT-Allahabad, M.Sc. (Microbiology)

Area of Specialization: Modelling and visualization of protein conceived to act as drug target, structure-based drug design, in silico vaccine design for Liver cancer and HIV and application of agent based models, artificial neural networks.

Dr. Arpita Yadav
Associate Professor HOD- Chemistry (AdjunctFaculty)
Ph.D. (Computational Chemistry)

Area of Specialization:Development of Quantum Pharmacological Techniques, Ab initio Drug Receptor interaction.

Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Singh
Assistant Professor (AdjunctFaculty)
Ph.D. (Mathematics)

Area of SpecializationBiostatistics, Mathematics.


Er. Brijendra singh
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Bioinformatics) Pursuing, M.Tech I.T. (Bioinformatics)

IIIT-Allahabad, M.Sc.

Area of Specialization:Drug Design And Molecular modelling, microarray

Dr. Varsha Gupta
Associate Professor (AdjunctFaculty)
Ph.D. (Mathematics)

Area of Specialization:Engg. Mathematics.


Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh
Assistant Professor (AdjunctFaculty)
Ph.D. (Mathematics)

Area of Specialization:Biostatistics, Mathematics.



There are following labs in Electronics & Communication Engineering Department:
  1. Bioinformatics & Basic Programming Lab (BI-301)
  2. CADD & Molecular Modelling Lab (BI-302)

1. Bioinformatics & Basic Programming Lab (BI-301):

Configuration of Systems: Intel P4 Processor E8200@2.40Ghz CPU , 1 GB RAM, 80 GB HDD


2. CADD & Molecular Modelling Lab (BI-302):

Configuration of Systems: CPU: Intel Core 2 duo Processor E8200@3.00Ghz, 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD

Qty: 40

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