Publications & Projects

Year 2014

1. Transition Metal Carbide Nanoparticles and Their Applications, A Dixit and P S Dobal, in Recent Developments in Biotechnology Vol. 10: Nano Biotechnology edited by Dr. A. Kumar, Studium Press LLC, USA 2014 (pp 391-411).

2. Effect of Annealing Temperature on Sol-gel Grown TiC Nano Particles, P Shukla, S K Dwivedi, Anju Dixit, and P. S. Dobal, International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology, 2014.

Year 2012

1. On the sol-gel synthesis and characterization of oxygen permeable strontium ferrite ceramic material, Shivendra Kumar Jaiswal, Vijay Kumar Kashyap and Jitendra Kumar,Materials Research Bulletin 47 (2012) 692–699.

2. Sol-gel synthesis and characterization of SrCo0.8Fe0.2O3–δ membranes, Vijay Kumar Kashyap and Jitendra Kumar (Communicated)

Year 2009

1. Synthesis and Characterization of Multiferroic BiFeO3 Thin Films Prepared by Chemical Solution Deposition Method, Vijayraj Singh, Anju Dixit, D.C. Agrawal and Ashish Garg, Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials Science, 15 (104) 2009.

Year 2008

1.Effect of Heat Treatment on Structure and Properties of Chemical Solution Deposited BiFeO3 Thin Films, V.R. Singh, A. Garg, A. Dixit, and D.C. Agrawal, Applied Physics A, 90, 197-202 (2008)

Year 2007

1. Enhanced Tunability And Relaxor Characteristics In Calcium Substituted Barium Zirconium Titanate Thin Films, Anju Dixit ,  Ram. S. Katiyar, and D. C. Agrawal , Integrated Ferroelectrics ,An International Journal, Volume 9 1 Issue 1 2007, 48-61. Barrier Layers Formation in Tin Substituted Calcium Copper Titanate CaCu3Ti4-xSnxO12 (0≤X≤1.0)”,

Year 2006

1. Yadav Bhoomika, Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, Vol. 75 No. 9, September, 2006.

Year 1989

1.R Bhatnagar, A R Das, M L Vaidya; Fabrication and Mechanical Property Studies of Thoria Stainless Steel Cermets; Transaction of the Indian Ceramic Society; Vol. 48(2) 1989.

Year 1986

1. D, Bahadur, D. Roy, R. Bhatnagar, V Kumar, and R Singru; Amorphous to Crystalline Transformations in Yttrium-Substituted GdIg; Advances in Ceramics, Vol. 26, 1986

Year 1985

1. D. Roy, R. Bhatnagar, D. Bahadur; Magnetic Behavior and Micro structural properties of amorphous and crystallized Y3-xGdxFe5O12 prepared by the amorphous citrate process ( x = 0, 0.5, and3); Journal of materials Science vol.20, 1985.

Year 1981

1. D. Chakravorty, R. Bhatnagar, and B, Sharma; Ceramic Bushing for Glass Fiber Production; Materials in Engineering; Vol, 2. March 1981

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