Class 11th English Question Paper, Model Paper, Sample Paper Download PDF

Class 11th English Question Paper: The annual examinations of class 9th and 11th of Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education are going to start from March 15. The time table for the annual examination was recently released by Lok Shikshan Sanchanalaya. According to the time table, the annual examinations of class 11th will start from March 15, while the annual examinations of class IX will start from March 16. Model papers are being provided on this website to prepare for class 9th and 11th annual examination, with the help of which students can prepare for the annual examination. The direct link to download the model paper is provided below.

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The first paper of class XI is going to be of English subject on March 15. Important questions for preparation of English subject have been provided below and link of model paper has been provided. By downloading the model paper you can prepare for the annual exam.

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Class 11th English Question Paper


Neeraj Chopra did not just win a gold medal, flinging the javelin a staggering 87.58m to top the charts in Tokyo, but vaulted himself into history books. It would go down, to date, as the most historic of medals in India’s Olympic history. Perhaps, the most historic in the nation’s sporting history. The gold, a historic first for the country in track and field, the second for an individual ever and the first since Abhinav Bindra’s in 2008, would also ensure India’s richest-ever tally (seven). Much before he won the country’s first-ever track and field medal, they used to call Neeraj, the village Sarpanch (headman) in Khandra, near Panipat. What started as a joke turned out prophetic.

Growing up at Khandra village, near Panipat, Neeraj was an overweight and restless kid most of the time. Since they wanted to keep him occupied, his father, a farmer, took him to the Shivaji stadium. Neeraj had tried other sports too. He was not too fond of running, but when he saw a few heavy men throwing the javelin, he wanted to try it too. When he realised that he was good at it, he started loving it more. Many, including Calvert and Volker Herrmann, who was the AFI’s High Performance Director before quitting in November last year, felt that Neeraj would start winning medals from the 2024 Paris Olympics. He has proved them right by clinching a medal and proved them wrong by doing it four years early. He has been a consistent performer since bursting into spotlight with a historic gold in the junior world championships in 2016 with an Under-20 world record of 86.48m which still stands.

His other achievements include gold medals in the 2018 Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games, besides the top finish in the 2017 Asian Championships. He is also a 2018 Arjuna Awardee. There is still a wall-hanging in the drawing room of Chopra’s ancestral home which features an oft-repeated motivational quote – “A single idea can light up your life.” The Chopra family’s single idea to let him pursue javelin throw on Saturday lit up the country in its golden glow.

(i). Neeraj Chopra won gold medal in-
(a) wrestling (b) high jump (c) javelin (d) gymnastics

(ii). Who won the first gold medal in Olympics for India?
(a) Neeraj Chopra (b) Abhinav Bindra (c) Calvert (d) P.V. Sindhu

(iii). Neeraj Chopra was called ——–in his village.
(a) golden boy (b) headman (c) junior (d) lord

(iv). Neeraj won his gold medal in ———-Olympics.
(a) Paris (b) Tokyo (c) London (d) Beijing

(v). Neeraj has been given-
(a) Dronacharya award (b) Ekalavya award (c) Arjun award (d) Padmashri


The cardboard shows me how it was
When the two girl cousins went peddling.
Each one holding one of my mother’s hands,
And she the big girl —- some twelve year or so.
All three stood still to smile through their hair,
At the uncle with the camera. A sweet face,
My mother’s, that was before I was born.
And the sea, which appears to have changed the less
Washed their terribly transient feet.

i) What does the cardboard show?
(a) a photograph (b) a painting
(c) Picture of a horse (d) none of these

ii) Who was not present at the beach?
(a) The poetess (b) Her uncle
(c) Her aunts (d) Her mother

iii) What does transient mean?
(a) permanent (b) temporary
(c) impermanent (d) both (b) and (c)

Writing Section

Notice writing

(a) You are Jyoti of class XI of School of Excellence, Gwalior. You are the Cultural Secretary of your school. Draft a notice informing the students about the inter-school dance competition and request the interested participants to get them registered with you.

(b) You are the school captain of the Govt. Boys H.S.S. Jabalpur. Write a notice for all the other members of the student council to attend a meeting to prepare a plan for annual function.

(c) You are Abhinav/ Ankita of Govt. H.S.S. Anand Nagar, Bhopal (M.P.) A charitable trust has come to your school asking for help. Write a notice requesting the students to donate items of daily use

Letter Writing

(a) You have not received your Roll Number card for the Class XII examination. Write a letter to the Secretary, M.P. Board, Bhopal asking for it.

(b) Write a letter to the President, Residents’ Welfare Association of your locality suggesting some measures that could be taken for solving the problem of water scarcity and conserving water.


Fill in the Blanks

  1. Holland is – European country. (a/an/the)
  2. They are watching – movie. (a/an/the)
  3. Suresh is – boy who has got a place in the merit list. (a/an/the)
  4. Monika is – B Sc. Student. (a/an/the)
  5. He is – MBA. (a/an/the)
  6. Mount Everest is —-highest peak in the world. (a/an/the)
  7. He hasn’t got – money in his pocket. (any/some/few)
  8. How – time do you take to reach your school? (many/much/any)

Do as directed

i. We did it. (Change into negative)
ii. He teaches English. (Change into negative)
iii. Raja cried for milk. (Change into present indefinite)
iv. They are playing football. (Change the voice)
v. He makes nice tea. (Change the voice)
vi. Sita does not sing. She does not dance. (Combine using ‘neither—nor’)
vii. Mohan is too weak to lift this bag. (Rewrite using ‘so – that’)
viii. a/apple/an/day/the/keeps/away/doctor. (Rearrange the words to make a meaningful sentence)

Answer the following questions

i. Why was the grandmother sad when the author was admitted in an English school?
ii. When was the link of the friendship between the author and his grandmother snapped?
iii. What did the grandmother do when the author returned from abroad after five years?
iv. What did grandmother used to feed village dogs and why?
v. Why did grandmother carry stale chapatis with her?
vi. 6Why was the grandmother upset with the author when he joined music classes?
vii. Describe the author’s grandfather.
viii. What was the feat that Gordon Cook repeated after 200 years back?

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Answer the following questions

i. What were the hallmarks of the Garoghlanian tribe?
ii. What according to Aram, was his first longing?
iii. What was the name of the horse? Who had an understanding with the horse?
iv. What sort of understanding did Mourad have with the horse?
v. When did the boys return the horse?
vi. Why did the boys return the white horse to its owner?
vii. Why did the author wait for such a long time before visiting ‘The Address’?

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