CBSE Class 12 Psychology Sample Paper with Solution | CBSE Term 1 Psychology Paper

CBSE Class 12 Psychology Sample Paper : CBSE board exams have started from 1st December. Recently the sample papers were released by CBSE (Class 12 Psychology Sample Paper). Through this article, a sample paper of Psychology subject is being made available for the students of class 12. All the students will be able to download the sample paper by clicking on the download link given below. 30 important questions of the CBSE Class 12 Psychology subject are given below, first of all, all the students should prepare these 30 questions well. CBSE Class 12 Psychology subject paper is scheduled to be held on December 11. Before the exam, all the students should solve the sample paper questions and practice well.

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CBSE Class 12 Psychology Sample Paper

1…………and performance tests help reduce the cultural bias usually associated with intelligence tests.
a. Non-verbal
b. Group
c. Individual
d. Verbal

2.involves seeking information from a person on a one-to-one basis.
a. Case study
b. Self-Report
c. Interview
d. Psychological test

3.In Jensen’s model, Level IT represents
a, emotional competence
b. social competence
c. cognitive competence
d. associative learning

4.Giftedness from the teachers’ point of view depends on a combination of
a high ability, high creativity, high commitment
b. high ability, high creativity, high cooperation
c. high ability, high commitment, high talent
d. high ability, high creativity, high dependence

6.Some societies adopt child rearing practices that foster skills of speed, minimal moves and mental manipulation, promoting a type of behavior called
a integral intelligence
b. Technological intelligence
c. emotional intelligence
d. contextual intelligence

7.Hippocrates proposed a typology of personality based on
a. trigunas
b. humour
c. Iridosha
d. body build and temperiment

8.Which of the following lists presents Freud’s psychosexual stages in the order in which theyoccur?
a. anal, oral, genital, phallic and latency
h. genital, latency anal, oral and phallic
c. oral, anal, phallic, lutency and genital
d. oral, anal, latency. phallic and genital

9.Amit lacks motivation in life and has an overly complacent attitude. He remains relaxed and deals patiently with others. Which type of personality does Amit have according to Friedman and Rosenman!
a. Type A
b. Type B
с. Турес
d. Type D

10.Sanjana loves to have burgers every day. Being aware of its ill effects on her body, she promised herself that she would buy a book of her choice if she managed to restrain herself from eating burgers for a month. This is an example of _
a observation of own behavior
b. self-instruction
c. self-reinforcement
d. self esteem

11.Anjani just found a gold bracelet inside a movie theatre. Which part of her personality would urge her to deposit it at the manager’s office?
b. ego
c. superego
d. libido

12.Cultures are characterized as collectivistic when
a. each member of the group maintains his/her individuality
b. there is a clear dichotomy between self and others
c. self and group remain at a distance
d. self and group have a harmonious co-existence

13.The school counsellor told Simran that people are happiest and perform their best when their personal traits and characteristics match their occupation. To assess this, she has to go through a psychological test. Her counsellor is most likely to use the ___test.
a. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
b. Eysenck Personality Questionnaire
c. Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire
d. Draw a person test

14.Collective unconscious consists of __ that are not individually acquired but are inherited. .
a. traits
b. archetypes
c. conflicts
d. dreams

15.The stresses which people experience vary in terms of intensity, duration, complexity and
a personality
b. predictability
c. temperament
d. intelligence.

16…… the term used to describe the level of stress that is good for a person as it enhances performance.
a. Distress
b. Eustress
c. Social Stress
d. Strain

17……….stem from beliefs based upon spectations from inside us, such as, ‘I must do everything perfectly
a. Conflicts
b. Frustrations
c. Social stresses
d. Internal pressures

18.As per the General Adaptation Syndrome, the individual is ready for fight or flight in the stage.
a resistance
b. burnout
c. alarm reaction
d. exaustion

19………….is a dynamic situation specific reaction to stress.
a. Appraisal
b. Coping
c. Situational support
d. Assertiveness

20.Howard Gardner has proposed many types of intelligences except
a linguistic
h. Creative
c. intrapersonal
d. interpersonal

21.The IQ range for individuals with mild intellectual deficiency is
a. 55-69
b. 40-54
c. 25-39
d. below 25

22.Supportive friends and family provide by reassuring the individual that she/he is loved, valued, and cared for a emotional support
b. tangible support
c. informational support
d. financial support a behavior or skill that helps to communicate clearly and confidently, our feelings, needs, wants and thoughts.
a. Positive attitude
b. Perfectionism
c. Assertiveness
d. Rational thinking

24.The study that focuses on the link between the brain, mind and immune system is called
a. Psychoneuroimmunology
b. Psychoimmunology
c. Psychoneurology
d. Immunoneurology

25…………are enduring beliefs about an ideal mode of behavior
a. Preferences
b. Interest
c. Attitudes
d. Values


26.Helen took a/an……… test which indicated that she could excel in typing and highlighted it in her resume while looking for jobs.
a. multiple aptitude
b. specialized aptitude
c. interest
d. achievement

27………….is identified as a facet of intelligence in Indian tradition that explains qualities like selfregulation, self-monitoring of emotions, honesty, good conduct and politeness,
a. Emotional Competence
b. Social Competence
c. Cognitive Capacity
d. Entrepreneurial Competence

28.The correlation between intelligence test scores of identical twins is
i. higher when they are raised together than when they are raised apart
ii. greater than that for fraternal twins raised together.
lower than that for any other blood relatives.
iv. the same whether they are reared together or apurt.
Choose the correct option
ai and in
b. i and it
c. ili and iv
d. i and iv

29.Tanisha works at night in a call center, travels amics heavy traffic to reach her work place and sleeps during the daytime. This is challenging and is wan
a. hassle
b. traumatic event
c. life event
d. environmental stress

30. The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory helps to diagnose
i. Neuroticism, psychoticism
ii. Sociability, PTSD
iii. Psychasthenia, schizophrenia
iv. Paninois, depression
Choose the correct option
b. ii, I
c. iii, iv
d. ii, iv

CBSE Class 12 Psychology Answer Key [Release soon]

How to Download CBSE Class 12 Psychology Sample Paper.

The sample papers were recently released by CBSE. CBSE has uploaded the sample paper of class X and class XII on the official website, all the students will be able to download the sample paper by following the steps given below.( Class 12 Psychology Answer Key )

  1. To download the Class 12 Psychology Sample Paper, all the students first go to the official website of CBSE.
  2. Now Students Click on Class 12 Psychology Sample Paper Download Link.
  3. Now the PDF will open in front of you, after clicking on the download button, all the students download the sample paper.

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